Circuit Sessions

As a lead up to this year's Boulderfest, we're introducing a Circuit Session schedule to help you prep for the comp. The sessions are designed as an exploration in climbing circuits, and the schedule is set to hone your mental and physical skills as a climber.

Circuit Sessions can be climbed solo, and they're perfect to climb with friends.

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Climbing Classes

Instruction, fun, challenge, success, failure, laughter, and maybe the occasional swear word. There’s a lot to learn in climbing, and we have classes we’d recommend for this. Our instructors are all obsessed with climbing. They’ll introduce you to bouldering and the facility and help you get better at climbing, faster.

We’ve created four class levels, and each has a curriculum that caters to a certain ability level. The curriculum for each class session is mixed-up by the instructor, so each class session is a fresh & new experience.

Classes are free with the purchase of a day pass, punch-card, or membership. To sign up for a class, write your name on the signup sheet in the main lobby. Signup sheets are posted an hour before class time. Classes have a maximum size of 6 students.

Class Descriptions

Intro to Bouldering

In this class you will learn about hold types, falling technique, how to get yourself through a climb, climbing etiquette, and other fundamental topics to help you become comfortable with bouldering.

You should take this class if you: 
• have never climbed before
• are very new to climbing
• want a basic understanding of what climbing involves

Bouldering One

This class is designed to cover the fundamentals of basic climbing movement and safety. We will cover footwork, body positioning, basic bouldering safety, and basic movement training.

You should take this class if you: 
• are new to climbing or climbing through yellows, reds and easy greens
• haven’t had any formal climbing education/training 
• find that your feet slip off of most holds
• find yourself off balance most of the time while climbing 

Topics Covered in B1:
• Toe contact
• Center of gravity
• Intro to slab technique
• Intro to pulling movement technique
• Safety 
• Etiquette 
• Body awareness

Bouldering Two

This class is designed to be a logical progression from the level 1 classes. We will continue discussing footwork, body positioning, and movement while introducing dynamic movement and basic climbing training.

You should take this class if you: 
• are looking for intermediate technique and movement education
• are climbing all purples, most oranges, and the occasional black
• have trouble climbing on overhanging walls 

Topics Covered in B2:
• Intro to dynamic movement 
• Slab and smearing technique 
• Intro to overhanging technique and body tension
• Intro to finger strength and hanging technique 
• Introduce antagonist training and “core” training 
• Relaxed and tense body positions 
• Center of Gravity

Bouldering Three

BOULDERING THREE is a training-based class for ORANGE CIRCUIT OR HIGHER climbers. Expect to work hard in this class! The instructor will take you through a warm up, then a climbing based workout on the wall.

In addition, all classes are centered around a mini four-week periodization model. The topics will rotate through four phases of a training program as follows: 
1st week: endurance 
2nd week: strength 
3rd week: power 
4th week: power endurance

Class Schedule