Circuit Sessions


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As a lead up to this year's Boulderfest, we're introducing a Circuit Session schedule to help you prep for the comp. The sessions are designed as an exploration in climbing circuits, and the schedule is set to hone your mental and physical skills as a climber.

Circuit Sessions can be climbed solo, and they're perfect to climb with friends.


Week 1

Day 1: Ladder

Day 2: Project Day

Day 3: One Shot

Week 2

Day 1: Easy One Shot

Day 2: Project Day

Day 3: Around the World

Week 3

Day 1: Limit Bouldering

Day 2: Easy One Shot

Day 3: Project Day

Week 4

Day 1: 4 x 4

Day 2: One Shot

Day 3: Limit Bouldering

Week 5

Day 1: Ladder

Day 2: Easy One Shot

Day 3: Double Down

Week 6

Rest week! Enjoy a week of active rest and low impact activities.


Inquire at the front desk for printed circuit session & tracking cards.

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