SBP Yoga and Fitness are committed to fostering an inclusive movement community, through playfulness and intentional practice. We hope that you will enjoy the diverse offering of classes and times to easily fit your schedule.

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Seattle Bouldering Project is excited to offer classes to help you develop strength and improve conditioning to meet your climbing and fitness goals. Our goal is for you to feel healthy and strong when bouldering, while adventuring in the mountains, and in your day-to-day pursuits. Led by experienced fitness instructors, classes will have a large emphasis on injury prevention and learning proper form for all movements.

Come join us for a workout.

Abs and Core

A high energy, cardio-intense core workout. Pump-up music will keep you going through 30 minutes of non-stop ab work, full body calisthenics, and high cardio exercises. This class takes place in our Fitness Studio.


A dynamic class focused on developing full body strength, coordination, and balance. Each class will be different, with each instructor offering their unique style. The classes will feature kettlebells, rings, locomotion, pull up bars, mobility training, and body weight training. Each exercise can be scaled up or down depending on your ability.


Come develop more physical adaptability and body intelligence! We will take elements from gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, dance, handstands, strength training, and more to explore the universe of human movement patterns. There are progressions for everyone-all ages, all body types, all injuries-and you’ll never be put on the spot. The class will be fun, it will be challenging, and will make you think.


This 30-minute class will cover the basics of recovery, including foam rolling, flexibility, and mobility work. This is a great class to take after your climbing or workout session.


A Fitness Class for Womxn. Including trans, cis, non-binary, socialized female. Help create an empowered and fun community! Our instructors will guide you through the basics of lifting techniques including kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. The class will be geared toward strength building and movement proficiency.


Fitness classes are included with the purchase of a day pass, punch card, or membership.

Classes are first come, first served. To reserve an available spot, write your name on the class sign-up sheet that will be posted daily on the door of our fitness studio. Class sizes are limited to 12 in our Circuit classes so we recommend arriving early.

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Restore and strengthen your body in our dynamic yoga classes. Instructors will guide you through fun and challenging flows that will test your balance, stretch your muscles, and make you sweat.

Vinyasa All Levels

Our Vinyasa classes combine strength and balance through a series of poses that will challenge your stamina and leave you feeling refreshed and limber. With a fun and athletic flow, this class will help you link breath to movement and improve fluidity from one pose to the next. Instructors will teach proper alignment and provide posture modifications for all abilities.

Vinyasa Level 2

A stronger and faster paced class that incorporates advanced poses and longer holds. This class builds strength and balance through challenging standing postures, arm balances, core exercises, backbends, and inversions. A playful way to work hard, this class is recommended for those with a well-established yoga practice.

Vinyasa Level 2.5

An in-depth practice that elevates advanced postures and unique transitions through strength, balance, and focus. This class integrates yoga philosophy, meditation, and breath work with longer holds to deepen awareness through standing postures, arm balances, core exercises, backbends, and inversions. A playful way to level up as this class is recommended for those with an established yoga practice.


In our Hatha Yoga classes, poses are generally held longer than in a Vinyasa class in order to safely build strength, utilize breathing techniques, and be attentive to alignment. These classes focus on the fundamentals of basic yoga asanas (postures) through flowing at a moderate pace. Our Hatha classes are great for practitioners of all levels. Beginners of the yoga practice and/or those who are harvesting an injury may benefit from moving at a mindful pace in these classes, while long-time practitioners of yoga may appreciate slowing down and revisiting the foundations of each posture.


A restorative yoga class that focuses on gently stretching and healing connective tissues and calming the mind. Open to all abilities.


A class focused on opening tight joints and calming the mind. After a warm-up flow, expect a series of static postures with long holds aimed to stretch your muscles, heal connective tissues, and restore proper alignment. Beneficial for all abilities.

Intro to Yoga

An introductory class that teaches fundamental Vinyasa yoga poses and movement. Instructors will lead a slow flow while emphasizing proper alignment, breath and pacing, and focusing of the mind. This class will help prepare those with little or no yoga experience for Vinyasa All Levels.


Yoga classes are included with the purchase of a day pass, punch card, or membership.

Classes are first come, first served. To attend, simply find a spot to lay your mat (mats and props provided). Maximum size is approximately 50 students. Please arrive early for class, late arrivals are highly discouraged.

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Youth 13 and younger must be directly supervised by an adult at all times.

One adult may not be responsible for more than 2 youth in our main climbing areas & fitness area.

One adult may not be responsible for more than 3 youth in our youth climbing areas.

Please click here for a gym map and tips & rules for youth at SBP.

Before climbing, participants under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

SAVE TIME AND PAPER! Fill out our online waiver before you come to the gym OR download and print the waiver.
All climbers and non-climbers must have a waiver on file before entering the climbing area.