Nearly ten years ago we set out to build a place that would foster a vibrant and beautiful community. It’s been amazing to experience, and be a part of, the growing group of people who find human connection within our walls.

We’ve worked hard through the years to improve upon what we do, and to gather space to stretch out and grow. This incredible community is constantly including new people in this thing we love, and let’s be real, at times SBP feels busier than we’d like. We feel like we are outgrowing Poplar, and that it’s time to grow outside of its walls. So that’s what we’re doing.

We are under construction on a new Seattle Bouldering Project, Fremont location. If things go smoothly, the Seattle Bouldering Project, Fremont location at 3535 Interlake Ave. N will open Summer of 2020. It will have everything we know and value about SBP; inspiring and inclusive climbing, movement, community space.

One exciting aspect of the Fremont location is that it encompasses a small satellite building one block due north of the main gym; we’re calling it the Upper Walls.

We are beyond excited to become a part of the Fremont neighborhood, and we’ll keep you posted as we have details to share about the project.


Want updates on Fremont?

We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening.