The Seattle Bouldering Project team is stoked to share that we’ve started construction on a new gym location in Fremont.

If things go smoothly, the Seattle Bouldering Project in Fremont will open Summer of 2020. It will offer tons of bouldering terrain, fitness and yoga classes, bright open fitness areas, locker rooms, saunas, plus enjoyable work and community spaces. 

One exciting aspect of the Fremont location is that, in addition to the primary space, it encompasses a small satellite building due north of the main gym. The north building will be a small bouldering haven — a pared down and rudimental space with nothing but bouldering walls, providing a connection to the roots and essentials of climbing.

We at Seattle Bouldering Project are beyond excited to become a part of the vibrant Fremont community, and to offer our existing community more space to grow into.