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We have options. Annual and monthly memberships for the regulars. Single months and punch-passes for the occasionals. Daypasses for first-timers and every-once-in-a-whilers. Family options for families.  



We have four different types of memberships (something for everyone).

All members receive full access to the facility and classes. Members all get two free passes per month for first time guests, free intro climbing classes, and discounts on retail, special events, and youth programs. Learn more about membership at SBP.


Recurring Monthly Memberships (EFT)

Recurring monthly memberships are our most popular and are usually the best if you’re going to be climbing somewhat regularly (around once a week). There is no commitment and your dues are pulled from your debit or credit card on the 15th of the month. Monthly memberships can be put on hold for $5/month (one month minimum) and reactivated for free at any time, with prorated dues covering your membership when you come back.

To freeze or cancel your account, just give us 5 days notice before the billing date (always the 15th of the month). You can do that at the front desk or by clicking the My Account button on the homepage.

Adult Monthly Membership : $75

Student/Youth Monthly Membership : $62

Start-up Fee : $40


Annual Memberships

Just like the other memberships, but for longer - when you commit to climbing with us for a year, you get a good deal. Annuals can be put on hold for $5/month (one month minimum) and reactivated for free at any time. However you slice it up, you get 12 months of active membership.

Adult Annual : $780

Student/Youth Annual : $650


Family Memberships

We like families who climb together. So we have this, which costs less than if everybody signed up independently.

Parent & Youth Monthly Membership : $115 (Additional Family Member $40)

Parent & Youth Annual : $1,200 (Additional Family Member Annual $420)


Single-Month Memberships

They’re just that: unlimited access to the gym for 30 days. If you’re going to be coming regularly, but only for a month or two, here you go.

Adult Single Month : $95

Student/Youth Single Month : $78

Day Use

We have two good options for the first-time or occasional visitor: single-day passes and 10-punch day passes. A day pass gets you the whole gym for a day—bouldering, training areas, and yoga and fitness classes. First time visitors get free shoe rentals.


Day Passes

Adult Day Pass : $18

Student/Youth Day Pass : $14


Punch Cards

Adult 10-Punch : $150

Student/Youth 10-Punch : $125

Rental Shoes

Rental Climbing Shoes : $4

*Rental shoes are free for first time guests 

Holiday Hours

Fourth of July, 6am – 2pm

Day after Fourth of July, 9am - 11pm

Thanksgiving, 6am – 2pm

Day after Thanksgiving, 9am – 11pm

Christmas Eve, 6am – 2pm

Christmas Day, Closed

Day after Christmas, 9am – 11pm

New Year’s Eve, 6am – 2pm

New Year’s Day, 9am – 11pm