Welcome to Seattle Bouldering Project

We wanted a big, friendly, welcoming and beautiful space to climb, exercise, and socialize. So we made the best boulders we could and surrounded them by a ton of foam. Because we love climbing. We have studios for yoga and fitness classes, huge spaces for fitness training and cardio, and a climbing training area. Our locker rooms have saunas. There’s a party room, a cafe/bar called West Wall, a kids and family climbing area, and comfortable places to crack open the laptop, or the newspaper.


Sign a Waiver

Everyone must sign a wavier. Even if you aren’t climbing. Minors must have a fully-completed waiver, signed only by a parent or legal guardian. No one else can complete a waiver on behalf of a minor.

Waivers are here.

First Time & F.A.Q.

What’s bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing, without using ropes or harnesses, on climbs that don’t go too high off the ground. Our boulders are usually thirteen to fifteen feet tall, and the tallest ones are sixteen to seventeen feet. Outside, boulderers move small mats and pads under the climbs. In our gym, the entire floor is a giant, squishy pad.

Our boulders have problems. Problems are climbing routes on the boulders. They consist of a series of carefully-placed holds which you climb from start to finish.

Problems can be easy or really really hard. That’s what makes it fun.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only thing you need to boulder is a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag (to keep your hands dry). Technically you don’t need a chalk bag but everyone uses them so we highly recommend it. Bring your own shoes and chalk bag or rent them from us. Rentals are free on your first visit. Barefoot climbing isn’t allowed, but you’re welcome to climb in your athletic shoes if you feel like it. Climbing shoes make it a lot easier.

Do you have climbing classes?

We have a ton of climbing classes, and they are all free with a membership or day pass. We have a range of classes for every ability and experience level. Learn more about our climbing classes here.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope. Come boulder anytime we’re open. If you want information about our yoga and fitness classes, click here.

Can I bring in a group?

Yes! Groups of six or more must be scheduled in advance. Click here for details & to register a group. You can also email groups@seattleboulderingproject.com with questions.

Who needs to sign a waiver?

100% of people. Even if you aren’t climbing. Waivers are here.

Minors must have a fully-completed waiver, signed only by a parent or legal guardian. No one else can complete a waiver on behalf of a minor.

Who can boulder? How old do you need to be to climb?

Bouldering is super accessible and easy to get into. You don’t need to have any previous experience, but it’s also physically pretty difficult. Typically, if you can do other sports, you can boulder. For a lot of people it’s easier to pick up bouldering than it is to learn other new sports (like tennis or bareback horse riding).

What should I wear?

Remember that scene in Rocky, when he charges up the stairs in his gray sweats, and all the kids are behind him and he’s shadow boxing heroically—that’s what we recommend wearing. Seriously, though, most people wear comfortable, agile clothes. Like outdoorsy pants, lululemon, athletic shorts, jeans (note: some people wear jeans for skiing). However, whether you wear shorts, tights, lycra, or hammer pants, we do ask that everybody (men and women) wears a shirt or tank top.

Anything I should do before our visit?

To save time, we’d recommend filling out our waiver. Also, check out our facility youth rules.

If you have any questions, please give our staff a call at (206)299-2300.

Do you charge extra to go to a yoga or fitness class, or to use the exercise equipment?

Nope, you get all of it. You can visit our Fitness & Yoga page for information on classes and schedules.

Do I need to supervise my children?

Yes. Rock climbing is dangerous. Highly-attentive adult supervision is crucial for the safety of youth and others.

Any youth (younger than 14) must be actively supervised by the adult who is responsible for them during their visit to the gym. Any parent, guardian or chaperone responsible for a youth must maintain direct supervision over the youth during the entirety of their visit. An adult cannot supervise more than 3 youth at a time.

Do you have ‘kid friendly’ climbing?

Of course.

We have several climbing walls and a play structure that surrounds comfortable chairs, benches, and tables. Indoor picnic style. We designed this spot for youth and families.