Project Day

Project days are meant to be fun, and should have less structure than your other training days. Choose boulders that you have attempted but not yet topped, or that have caught your eye and appear difficult for you.

Spend time working each problem. If you are feeling stuck with a particular move, attempt it in isolation by climbing up to that point using holds from adjacent problems or the downclimb jugs. If a move isn’t working, try something different, watch someone else’s sequence, or take a longer rest to get some mental space. Enjoy the process. Stay positive.


Project day is a very low volume day. Your focus should be on problem solving, and making high-quality, high-intensity attempts on your projects. Aim for 5-10 minutes rest in between attempts.

Be mindful of how many times you work a single move, and take adequate rest between attempts so as not to get pumped during your session.

Staying flexible with your approach to a problem is vital during competitions, where you often have to change your sequence in order to find a solution to the problem.