Youth Safety Rules

Any youth (younger than 14) must be actively supervised by the adult who is responsible for them during their visit to the gym. Direct supervision is required over youth during the entirety of their visit.

Adults cannot supervise more than 2 youth at a time in the adult climbing area.

In the youth sections of the gym an adult may supervise up to 3 youth at a time.


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Birthday Parties

Celebrate at Seattle Bouldering Project with a party full of climbing! At SBP, our fantastic birthday party and event crew provide everything from climbing instruction to challenging games. Our private space surrounded by climbing walls is perfect for any celebration. Our parties are ideal for ages 4-10 years.

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Climbing Clubs At SBP

For youth ages 4-18, we offer experiential learning that aims to create a love of movement, solid climbing skills and enough comfort, community and fun that youth can take on the challenges and joys that climbing (and life!) offers.

Tots (Ages 4-6)

Our Tots Programs offer guided climbing time for our youngest climbers. Each participant will be guided to explore the world of bouldering through fun climbing games and basic instruction. Offered at chill times in the gym, our Tots Programs instructors aim to bring support and encouragement to help each climber build confidence as they explore bouldering.

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Kids (Ages 7-9)

The SBP Kids Program offers a fun, creative, and supportive atmosphere that promotes a love of climbing and exercise. Enthusiastic SBP staff will guide climbers through a youth-driven exploration of climbing fundamentals—helping young boulderers develop confidence, trust, and social skills. Kids Program focuses on group encouragement and support in an active environment.

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Youth (Ages 10-12)

The SBP Youth Program is designed for the budding young climber seeking more climbing experience. Specific games and activities are tailored to the group's unique strengths and abilities, ensuring positive climbing experiences for all involved. With more structured lessons and two days of climbing per week, the SBP Youth Program engages climbers through challenges and activities that promote technique, strength, and balance.

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Juniors (Ages 12+)

Our Juniors Programs offer a collaborative environment for teen climbers to explore more nuanced bouldering technique, identify and work towards goals, and continue to develop their strength, balance, coordination and skill. Instructors will focus on the individual needs of each climber while building a supportive group atmosphere to build community and love for movement. Many schools award PE credits for Junior Program participation—please speak with your PE Department and SBP to coordinate.

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Homeschool Climbing Clubs (ages 7-13):

Our homeschool bouldering programs offer creative, flexible programming for youth with daytime availability. We create a supportive and fun environment that promotes a love of climbing, movement and teamwork. Engaging youth coaches will guide climbers through an exploration of climbing skills ranging from basic footwork to more complex body movements and problem-solving to help young boulderers develop confidence, trust, and social skills while taking on the challenges of climbing.

Our homeschool programs will follow the regular "school year" registration schedule of other youth programs, with the possibility of summer evening programming.

This is a 5-week program designed for homeschool students ages 7-12.

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Seattle Climbing Team (Ages 8-18)

The Seattle Climbing Team is a motivated community of young climbers who try hard, have fun, and commit to the process of becoming better climbers, teammates, and individuals.

The coaching staff views competitive climbing through the lens of youth development and seeks to facilitate opportunities for personal growth and self-awareness though competition and training.

Team members participate in a number of local bouldering competitions, with the opportunity to progress to regional and national competitions.

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For additional questions or to sign up for try-outs, contact Head Coach Katie Griffith:

Camps At SBP

Camps at Seattle Bouldering Project immerse youth of all experience levels in days full of bouldering, games, and movement. Participants will giggle, play, and explore within SBP’s bright walls, guided by the Bouldering Project’s family of invested, patient facilitators. A day of camp includes climbing, games, personal challenges, and a lot of movement.

SBP Winter Break Camps 2020 (Ages 6-12)

Stay warm and active in our one-day Winter Break Camps for youth ages 6-12. A day full of bouldering, climbing games, obstacle courses, and activities that'll get those winter wiggles out for sure. Lots of climbing, lots of fun! Sign up for a single day or more as they work for your schedule.

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SBP Summer Camps 2020 (Ages 6-12)

What's in a week of summer climbing camp? Climbing, obstacle courses, more climbing, silly games, relay races and more climbing! Kids ages 6-12, we invite you to four days full of climbing games and activities that help you build technique and strength while having an amazing amount of fun with other climbers. Come with your friends or make new ones here throughout the week! Camp will be divided into groups by age and ability, creating a supportive environment for all participants.

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Junior Training Camps (Ages 12+)

Work hard, play hard! Our Junior Training Camps are for teens wanting to boost their strength, balance, coordination and skill by training over the summer. Skilled and enthusiastic SBP coaches will tailor the week's curriculum to individuals' needs and desires while building a supportive group atmosphere.

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Youth Updates

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming youth program registration and events.