Bouldering is super fun and kids are naturals at it. But bouldering can also be dangerous and has many risks associated with it. Highly-attentive adult supervision is crucial for the safety of youth and other climbers. Before climbing, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for the youth and adult climbing areas as explained below.

Tips & Rules for a Successful Climbing Session

A sequence of same-colored holds is called a boulder "problem" and is created by our routesetters as a challenge to get you from start to finish (not always the top of the wall). Try climbing a problem using only the holds of that problem's color.

The color of a problem's holds also indicates its difficulty. Gray is the easiest, then yellow, then green, then red, blue, orange, purple, and finally black. Difficulty in bouldering is ranked from v0-v15 (the "v-scale"). See the posters around the gym for more information.

Stay safe. Treat walking through climbing areas like crossing a busy street. Look both ways--plus up!--and proceed with caution. Avoid cutting closely around sharp corners or underneath overhangs, and inspect all the walls around you. Never stand, sit, or walk in an area where another climber could fall.

Stuck? Try moving your feet up to extend your reach. Climbers should focus on keeping their arms straight and using their legs push themselves up.

Climbing shoes make climbing much easier and should be snug without being painful. It's fine to wear regular shoes but please do not climb in bare feet.

The Adult Climbing Area is a more dangerous environment with restricted youth access. Please respect our guidelines for youth climbers in the adult areas.

Some of the walls are designed to get on top of or "top-out." These walls require downclimbing to return to the padding.

Never climb above, below, or near another climber.

No running, yelling, roughhousing, horseplay or gymnastics (flips, cartwheels, handstands, etc.).

If you have any questions about bouldering, the facility, or safety, please ask our staff. We are here to help.